Bloodwork Services

Monitoring the health of your pet is crucial, as they may not exhibit visible signs of illness.

Just like humans, your pets need to have bloodwork done frequently. It’s not just sick pets that need to have bloodwork done because a pet may seem healthy on the outside, but actually have an undiagnosed condition. Bloodwork can diagnose infections, anemia, diabetes, liver disease and other issues. At our clinic we have an on-site laboratory to perform urinalysis and blood tests to ensure quick and accurate results.

Why does my pet need bloodwork done?

Your pet needs bloodwork because sometimes it’s impossible to detect signs of problems by looking at them. We recommend all furry pals have bloodwork done once a year during their wellness exam to determine their baseline/normal health or to detect illness. If your pet already has health issues or if they are older we may recommend more frequent blood tests. Your pet will also need bloodwork before surgery, as it helps us determine how much anesthesia to use for the procedure.

How is my pet’s blood taken?

Before the appointment, we may require your pet to fast. To make the process seamless we ensure your pet is comfortable before we begin. We take the blood from their leg or neck. Once the blood is taken we send it to our in-house lab for testing.

What are signs that my pet may need their bloodwork done?

Once your pet is having health problems they will start to show symptoms, sometimes you’ll notice changes in their behaviour. To determine the cause, we perform blood tests. Some signs that your pet may need bloodwork include:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Increased thirst or urination
  4. Lethargy

If you notice any of these signs please schedule an appointment with us at 905-707-9059.

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