Diagnosis and treatment of dermatological issues which can cause discomfort, pain, and disease.

Skin conditions can be a major problem for your furry pal. As an external organ the skin is exposed to more irritants and pests that can cause harm. If your pet is experiencing skin problems our veterinary team can diagnose and treat any problem they’re dealing with. Feel free to call us at 905-707-9059 to learn more about how our clinic helps your pet through dermatological issues.

How can I tell if my pet has a skin condition?

Some major signs of a skin condition are:

  1. Scratching
  2. Bald patches
  3. Licking or gnawing at their own skin
  4. Losing fur
  5. Dull coat
  6. Skin sores
  7. Lumps or bumps on their skin
  8. Red, irritated or dry skin

What causes skin issues in pets?

Having a veterinarian examine your pet is the best way to figure out what’s causing skin issues in your pet. There are irritants in the environment that may cause reactions on their skin. Some plants, cleaning agents, and pollen can cause pets to have an allergic reaction. Parasites are critters that can cause redness on the skin when your furry friend is bitten. A bacterial infection may also show up as skin issues in your pet.

How are skin conditions treated?

When your pet comes in with a dermatological issue our team recommends the best treatment to soothe their skin. To create a treatment plan we try to accurately diagnose them by running a blood test. We may recommend lifestyle changes if environmental irritants are causing the problem, or altering their diet if they have a food sensitivity. Other treatments may include a combination of oral medications, laser therapy and topical creams.

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