Pet euthanasia provides a compassionate farewell, relieving suffering and distress.

Grieving a cherished pet is a difficult process. They are not only your most loyal companion – they are members of your family. Our team is here to offer you all the support you need. We make sure you have all the information to make the right decision for your pet and the rest of your family.

What happens during pet euthanasia?

Before the procedure we inform pet parents of what to expect during the process. We do everything possible to make sure your furry pal is comfortable. When you’re ready we give them the medication which stops their brain and heart, almost immediately. Your pet does not experience any pain or discomfort. We give pet parents a few moments to be with their pet after they’ve passed. If you’re having trouble processing the loss of your pet companion your feelings are valid. There are many support groups where you can express your feelings and honour your pet’s life. If you would like to discuss the process, please contact us at 905-707-9059.

How do I know if euthanasia is right for my pet?

You’ve seen your loyal companion through many happy years and you can recognize when their health is declining. There are many ways to tell if their quality of life is poor. Extreme changes such as losing their appetite, not being interested in their favourite activities, or not being affectionate are signs of a poor quality of life. This is when we encourage our clients to have their pet come in for a visit, we’ll check their health and prescribe pain medications to help their condition. Even after pain medication, there’s a possibility their quality of life will not improve. This is when our veterinarians recommend owners allow their furry pal to peacefully transition.

How can I prepare for the procedure?

There is no easy way to prepare to say goodbye to your cherished pet. We encourage owners to spend as much time as possible with their pet days leading up to the procedure. Taking time to explain what’s happening to loved ones can reduce the stress and shock from your pet’s passing. This allows the family to decide whether they’d like to be present during their pet’s last moments.

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