Nutrition Counselling

Nutritional guidance to improve and maintain your pet's general health and well-being.

Even if your pet is fed regularly, they might still be lacking nutrients that help them develop to their full potential. With all the food options available you may not know which one is right for your pet. This is why our clinic offers nutritional counselling. We want your loyal companion to get the right nutrients to support their bodies. Our nutritionist will work with you to create a diet that gives them sustainability. We recommend that your pet comes in for nutrition counselling at least once each year just to see how their diets are working for them. To schedule an appointment call us at 905-707-9059.

What happens during pet nutrition counselling?

During a nutritional checkup we examine the patient’s diet. Our veterinarians will want to know their eating habits, eating schedule and if they’ve had any recent changes in their appetite. The doctor will teach you healthy feeding practices to prevent overeating and address any health concerns or allergies. Based on the assessment we may recommend alternative diets to meet their needs.

How much should I feed my pet?

Our veterinarians can help you determine how much you should feed your pet. We take into account your furry pal’s age, lifestyle and current health condition to figure out how much food they should be eating on a daily basis, and the right feeding schedule for them. To learn more about food portions for your pet, give us a call at 905-707-9059.

What foods should I avoid feeding my pet?

It’s hard to say no to your beloved pet, but sometimes it’s in their best interest not to eat certain foods. Their bodies aren’t designed to digest some of the foods that humans eat as some of the ingredients can be harmful. Some foods and ingredients to avoid feeding your pet are:

  • Raisins
  • Onions and garlic
  • Milk or dairy products
  • lcohol
  • Coffee
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