Ultrasound and X-ray

Safe diagnostic options for detecting anomalies in your pet's internal organs.

When your pet is sick or injured, we use diagnostic tools to figure out what is causing their discomfort. Veterinary diagnostic tools such as ultrasounds and X-rays give us images of your pet’s internal structures. These tools are completely safe for your loyal companion and they are non-invasive.

How do ultrasounds and X-rays work?

At Don Head Village Animal Clinic we use digital radiology to diagnose your pet. By using digital X-rays we gather the images faster and can share them electronically with a specialist. This type of imaging uses an X-ray beam to capture images as it passes through the body. The images are then carefully analyzed on a high-resolution screen to check for any abnormalities. Our veterinary radiologist has received special training to interpret the results. X-rays are used to examine the respiratory tract, heart, bones and gastrointestinal tract.

Ultrasounds are sometimes performed along with X-rays to get a better understanding of your pet’s internal organs. Ultrasonography uses sound waves that echo and bounce off organs and internal structures which creates images shown on a monitor. Our cardiologist or radiologist reads the images for our patients which means your pet can be diagnosed on the same day. We use ultrasounds to evaluate internal organs such as the liver, heart, kidneys, gallbladder and the bladder. Ultrasounds are also used to detect and monitor pregnancies.

Are the procedures safe for my pet?

Yes. Ultrasounds are painless procedures and don’t cause any harm to your pet. Because our clinic uses digital radiology, your pet will be exposed to less radiation, as they would have during a conventional X-ray. During the procedure your pet’s safety is our main priority. To learn more about the safety measures in place to protect your pet, call 905-707-9059.

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