Vet Referrals

Providing your pet with qualified and innovative care from reputable specialists.

Our team can help your pet access all the healthcare they need to give them longevity and a high quality of life. We can perform routine and advanced procedures to keep them safe. Sometimes, your loyal companion’s case may require more specialized or complex veterinary care and that’s when we refer them to a veterinary specialist. These specialists or clinics have more advanced training and equipment to accurately diagnose and treat your cherished pet’s complex case.

The specialists who we recommend are board-certified and have expertise to treat more complicated conditions or surgery. We transfer all the necessary files to the specialist so our clients don’t need to worry about taking any paperwork. We follow-up with the care our patients receive by consulting with the specialist treating them. To learn more about our referral process, we encourage you to call us at 905-707-9059.

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