Veterinary Exam

A thorough examination for your cat or dog to ensure they stay healthy and happy.

The goal of every pet parent is to have their loyal companion in good health and keep them happy. Veterinary exams are a major part of the preventative care every pet needs. By having your pet assessed, our veterinarians can recommend a wellness plan that is more suitable for them.

What are veterinary wellness exams?

Veterinary exams keep your veterinarian updated on the new developments and needs of your loyal companion. By evaluating your pet’s health, we can provide advice on how to better cater to their needs. During a wellness exam we perform a full physical, check their weight, heartbeat and respiratory rate as well as any abnormalities on the skin. We also run other diagnostic tests like checking their blood and urine to identify possible diseases or infections. These tests allow us to detect health conditions in the early stages when they are easier to control and treat.

By treating them early the chances of having a positive outcome for your pet greatly increases. Based on the results we may prescribe medications, therapy, surgery, or recommend new lifestyle changes to improve their condition. Depending on your pet’s age, the wellness care we provide for them may be different. For younger pets we may focus on vaccinations and nutrition, while for adult pets we target weight control and disease prevention.

Why are veterinary exams so important?

Another benefit to having your pet come in for regular veterinary exams is it gives owners the opportunity to ask questions about their pet’s development. Any changes you have noticed in your pet are worthy of mentioning to your vet. With routine exams we develop a bond with you and your loyal companion. By getting to know your pet we understand their unique needs and can create an effective health care plan for them.

When should my pet come in for a veterinary visit?

We recommend every pet have at least one veterinary exam every year. The frequency may increase if your pet is a senior or if they have pre-existing health issues. Kittens and puppies need to have more veterinary visits in the first year of their life. We recommend that puppies or kittens have three veterinary exams. Senior pets should have one exam every 6 months. If it’s time for your pet to have a wellness exam, give us a call at 905-707-9059.

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