Weight Management

Excess weight can lead to health problems. We offer personalized weight management plans.

Your pet’s weight has a direct effect on their life. When your pet is overweight they may develop health issues that can become severe if they aren’t given medical attention. Many owners are unaware their furry friend is overweight. Obesity in pets is not something to be ashamed of as it can be fixed with lifestyle adjustments. Our team is here to prevent obesity in your furry friend with routine checkups that examine their diet and lifestyle. To book an appointment call us at 905-707-9059.

What causes obesity in pets?

Each pet is unique and they may have different factors that may make them more likely to be obese. Some factors include their diet, breed, age and a lack of physical activity.

How can I help my pet maintain a healthy weight?

When people think about weight management the word diet always comes to mind. The truth is a diet may play a significant role in your pet’s overall health, but there are certain adjustments that should become their new lifestyle to keep the weight off long term. This is where our veterinary team comes in handy, we will create a comprehensive plan to help your furry friend get to a healthy weight. Some of our tips to maintain a healthy weight may include:

  1. Limiting unhealthy treats. Treats should account for 10% of your pet’s daily caloric in-take.
  2. Schedule their meal times. Monitoring their meal times ensures they aren’t eating more than what they need to be healthy.
  3. Encourage them to play. More physical activities will keep them in shape.
  4. Provide healthy treats to reward them with. Ask our veterinarians to recommend healthy snacks for your pet.
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